Conviction and Purpose

A grand narrative or metanarrative is an all encompassing scheme that guides our perception of human history, knowledge, and experience. Simply put, a grand narrative is a master story that explains all other stories. Therefore, the conviction driving this blog is that the Bible reveals God’s Grand Narrative, and thus tells the true story of the world, subverting all other competing narratives. 

This blog interacts with a broad rang of topics within theology and literature and is offered to God’s people and other thoughtful inquirers, with the aim of cultivating the virtues of studious faith and prayerful learning. The grace God dispenses through Jesus Christ and the Spirit does not negate the need to cultivate the life of the mind. As Aquinas recognized long ago, “the human mind can understand truth only by thinking, as is clear from Augustine.” Therefore, this blog is an invitation to approach theological reflection in Augustinian mode, that is, fusing rigorous thinking with a humble spirit of  inquiry and devout petition.

Ultimately, this blog exists for the glory of the Triune God, the author and central character of the Bible’s Grand Narrative. All of the reading, thinking, discussing, and writing reflected here is offered to him as an act of worship in the hope that the project will ascend as a sweet smelling aroma before his throne (Exod. 29:18; Ez. 20:41; Phil. 4:18), and resound to the praise of his glorious grace (Eph. 1:12, 14).


2 thoughts on “Conviction and Purpose

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted you to know that I nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. I have just posted about the Mystery Blogger Award on my website with the rules, etc. I want people to know about your blog!


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