St. Anselm, though Dead, still Speaks.

Anselm is an old friend. But if you’re not a part of that odd clan of theology and philosophy geeks, he’s probably a stranger. Most folks usually remember him as that medieval refusing blind credulity for a faith seeking understanding (fides quaerens intellectum), and as the Archbishop who gave the “Dark Ages” its theory of […]

Inviting the Muse: Five Habits that Welcome Inspiration

Writers, or artists of any kind, know that inspiration is like the Spirit. It blows where it wishes, and no one knows where it comes from or where it goes (John 3:8). Inspiration’s wind can’t be tamed. The Muse remains mysterious and free of our control. It often strikes suddenly and without warning, like lightening […]

Door to the Far World

It’s easy to forget the imaginative world of our childhood. We often abandon it early, seeking our way in the “real world.” As a result, we quickly forget the path and the great threshold to the far world disappears behind the vines of time. But passing through doors can have monumental consequences, as Dante and […]

Your First Literary Experience

Catholics hail Francis de Sales as the patron saint of writers. But for me, C. S. Lewis claims that undisputed, if unofficial title. That’s why when I saw Corey Latta’s book C. S. Lewis and the Art of Writing, I had to get it! After skimming the book and reading the first chapter, I’d say […]

The Creed: “We Believe . . .”

Why take these ancient words on our lips week after week?  At bottom, reciting the Creed with others profoundly shapes the way we view the world and our place within its unfolding story. Confessing the Creed reminds us that we are called to live into something bigger than ourselves, and that we share this “something […]

Why this former Baptist became Anglican

What is it that causes a Baptist of forty years, particularly a Southern Baptist, to switch communions? Simply put, there’s no simple answer, easy proof text, or sole theological argument. For me, it’s the coalescence of a web of convictions and life experiences. Even so, I don’t think my transition comes from a misunderstanding, or […]

Evangelicals and the Trinity: A Review of Fred Sanders’ The Deep Things of God

Evangelicals often see the doctrine of the Trinity as an abstract intellectual problem better left to the musings of theologians. Although officially affirming the doctrine as a matter of orthodoxy, we wonder, “Is the Trinity really significant at the street-level of our Christian life? Fred Sanders, professor of theology at Biola University, answers a resounding “Yes” in […]

Should Christians Read the Bible Like Any Other Book? A Review of Hans Boersma’s Scripture As Real Presence

Do we read Scripture with assumptions that fall short of the Bible’s own theological scope? Is our approach to Scripture indebted to the academy more than to Christ speaking by the Spirit in the Church? Have we sold our spiritual birthright for a bowl of materialist pottage? Hans Boersma, the J. I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent Collage, thinks […]