Should Christians Read the Bible Like Any Other Book? A Review of Hans Boersma’s Scripture As Real Presence

Do we read Scripture with assumptions that fall short of the Bible’s own theological scope? Is our approach to Scripture indebted to the academy more than to Christ speaking by the Spirit in the Church? Have we sold our spiritual birthright for a bowl of materialist pottage? Hans Boersma, the J. I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent Collage, thinks […]


The Lord Lightens My Darkness

Subterranean explorers speak of darkness that can be felt.  Any sojourner struggling with depression knows the feeling – that heavy sense of meaninglessness and hopelessness that blackens the light of life. Such lurking darkness is nothing if not resilient. Churchill’s black dog knows how to find us wherever we go, whatever we do. It may seem […]

The Advent of the Holy Spirit

  The Spirit hovered over creation from the beginning. Alongside the Father and the Word, he brought chaos to order (Gen 1:1-2), and filled creatures with God’s breath (Gen 2:7). Rushing upon the Judges with power, the Spirit overthrew Israel’s enemies (Judg 15:14-16). He anointed Moses, David, and the rest of the prophets, filling their […]

Three Truths to Contemplate on Ascension Day

“On this day not only have we been confirmed in our possession of paradise, but we have entered heaven in the person of Christ; through his inexpressible grace we have regained far more than we ever lost through the devil’s hatred.” Leo the Great Ascension Day often gets overlooked by evangelicals who don’t observe the […]

Why the Creed?

A plethora of voices in our culture exhort us to have “faith,” to “believe.” Yet, upon reflection, what such “belief” signifies is less than obvious. I imagine the purveyors of pop-spirituality mean something like “The sun will come out tomorrow,” or “The Universe is on our side.” But such language is so expansive and vague any definition will do. Like the primordial abyss, we need […]

“Was Jesus Adopted?” Musings on Michael Bird’s Jesus the Eternal Son

Bird’s latest book challenges the ancient and modern Christ-belief known as adoptionism. Historically, adoptionists deny that Jesus is God’s eternally begotten Son, arguing instead that Jesus became God’s Son during his earthly ministry. Routinely, modern scholars insist adoptionism accounts for the New Testament’s earliest testimony about Jesus, while claiming incarnationism represents a later development. Of […]

“No Creed But the Bible?” A Summary of Carl Trueman’s Creedal Imperative

Creeds and confessions, for many, appear implausible, for others, dangerous. After all, what relevance can ancient church documents have for the way we worship today? Besides, won’t using such statements usurp the Bible’s authority? Doesn’t our allegiance to sola scriptura defy the use of creeds? Carl Trueman, Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, provides […]