The Creed: “We Believe . . .”

Why take these ancient words on our lips week after week?  At bottom, reciting the Creed with others profoundly shapes the way we view the world and our place within its unfolding story. Confessing the Creed reminds us that we are called to live into something bigger than ourselves, and that we share this “something […]

Why this former Baptist became Anglican

What is it that causes a Baptist of forty years, particularly a Southern Baptist, to switch communions? Simply put, there’s no simple answer, easy proof text, or sole theological argument. For me, it’s the coalescence of a web of convictions and life experiences. Even so, I don’t think my transition comes from a misunderstanding, or […]

Biblicists and Biblicisms

What does it mean to say that our beliefs and practices are “biblical”? Broadly speaking, anyone appealing to the Bible for faith and life is a Biblicist practicing Biblicism. But as soon as we encounter the variety of ways people cite the Bible to establish their views, we see the need to think more carefully […]

Evangelicals and the Trinity: A Review of Fred Sanders’ The Deep Things of God

Evangelicals often see the doctrine of the Trinity as an abstract intellectual problem better left to the musings of theologians. Although officially affirming the doctrine as a matter of orthodoxy, we wonder, “Is the Trinity really significant at the street-level of our Christian life? Fred Sanders, professor of theology at Biola University, answers a resounding “Yes” in […]

Should Christians Read the Bible Like Any Other Book? A Review of Hans Boersma’s Scripture As Real Presence

Do we read Scripture with assumptions that fall short of the Bible’s own theological scope? Is our approach to Scripture indebted to the academy more than to Christ speaking by the Spirit in the Church? Have we sold our spiritual birthright for a bowl of materialist pottage? Hans Boersma, the J. I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent Collage, thinks […]

The Lord Lightens My Darkness

Subterranean explorers speak of darkness that can be felt.  Any sojourner struggling with depression knows the feeling – that heavy sense of meaninglessness and hopelessness that blackens the light of life. Such lurking darkness is nothing if not resilient. Churchill’s black dog knows how to find us wherever we go, whatever we do. It may seem […]