Daniel Taylor’s Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees

I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like this. Taylor isn’t your typical Christian author writing these days. There’s nothing of the old Grahame era triumphalism about him. Neither does he write philosophically anemic, emotionally driven pot boilers. Rather, he manages a compelling story about the great questions of life with genuine wit and stabbing […]


A Principled Rant on Bookstore Reviews

Most people, I assume, want a review that’s opinionated, insightful, and to the point. They want something to help them decide if a book is worth their precious time and coin. Happily, competent reviewers do exist. I’ve purchased or passed based on their comments many times. But crowded around these virtuous voices is a cacophony […]

Respites of Joy

A crow flew to a branch above where I sat eating last week. It happened a few days in a row. The whole thing stands now like watercolor in my mind, like art that tells a story: The yellowish green canopy above my usual lunch spot lurched toward gold and crimson. All those leaves blew […]

The Cold Morning Light

Have you noticed how the issues of life sometimes crystallize in your waking moments? It’s as if your mind’s eye is reborn to see, albeit fleetingly, the true shape of your life. Within those moments, just emerging from oblivion’s ocean, we stand naked before our self – and God. There in the stillness and the […]

Muzzle Flash Seance

Scratches on a pistol can conjure ghosts. Sometimes smells do the trick. But recently it was those gravel marks on my 45 auto that summoned the spirits. As I shucked the old piece, just to admire its curves, suddenly those gravel scuffs sparked like a muzzle flash in my mind. My entire second decade rose […]

A Random Lyrical Riff on Mountains

Mountains can be mystical and holy places. I used to travel through a forest of ferns, spy spirits, and escape flame on my journey to their tops. Their trails, coiling like a serpent, wound through a thousand battles and hid countless enemies. I recall strange beauty too. Behind laurel branches I spied some vanishing Shangri-La. […]

Why Bother with the Fathers? D. H. Williams on Evangelicals and Tradition.

Many evangelicals feel adrift on a post-Christian, postdenominational sea. Our trendy, consumer driven faith needs an anchor. D. H. Williams, professor of patristics and historical theology at Baylor University, throws us a lifeline. He offers Evangelicals and Tradition in the hope that it will reunite our free spirits with the foundations of Classic Christianity. Williams, […]

The Corinthian Syndrome

Christians are suspicious of one another. It’s sad but true. The old party spirit that St. Paul condemned in the Corinthians still haunts us. We look doubtfully at our brothers and sisters saying, “I am of Rome,” “I am of Constantinople,” and “I am of Wittenberg” or “Geneva.” Then the most spiritual among us says, […]

Dragons Are Supposed To Be Terrible.

Dragons are no joke! Just ask heroes from Beowulf to Bilbo Baggins. Dragons are that defiant shadow lurking within every culture’s dream. In the West, they’re a fierce,  unspeakable force, rising with hideous strength and beguiling craft. They find delicious the desire to subvert our journey and blind our hearts. In the East, while generally […]

Open Your Third Eye.

C. S. Lewis believed that attaining life’s ultimate purpose depended on the use of our imagination, our third eye. According to Lewis our imagination exists to elevate our souls, for “the main work of life is to come out of our selves, out of our little, dark prison we’re all born in” (Hooper, Collected Letters […]