About The Author

People call me Rob, and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my blue-eyed wife Suzette and yellow-eyed cat Old Miss. I’ve come to see that my story only makes sense within God’s bigger story. Even so, I can still identify with the wave tossed Odysseus striving to regain that sense of the sacred echoed in Ithaca’s home and hearth. The quest of pious Aeneius seems just as familiar. I know a little about the waves and wars sent by the gods, and how the journey to fulfill life’s vocation leads past the gates of Tartarus.

Thankfully, I’ve had other experiences too. Though I don’t claim those of Moses, Elijah, and the Apostles, mysteriously, I’ve heard God’s voice from the burning bush, at the mouth of Elijah’s cave, and from the cloud on the holy mountain. God’s more impressionable guidance always seems to come in the language of Scripture, often mediated by the language of liturgy, priest, or friend. These gracious encounters have birthed a desire in me, an abiding thirst to know, serve, and enjoy this God more fully. They have summoned me on a journey to see him in all of his Triune beauty, to attain the beatific vision.

A significant part of my journey has involved the informal and formal study of theology, including a Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky (2015) . Though I must say, the abiding joy of my journey remains entering the great hall of Christ’s people across the ages, to contemplate with theologians, learn from apologists and monks, and gaze transfixed with mystics and martyrs into the mystery of the Trinity. Conversing with the great Tradition has cultivated some specific interests along the way. I am fascinated by the History of Interpretation, the Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Jesus and the Gospels, the Hermeneutics of St. Augustine, Ancient Christian Studies, Liturgical Theology, and Trinitarian Spirituality.